What Are You Fighting For?

by Two Days Until Tomorrow

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released June 8, 2013



all rights reserved


Two Days Until Tomorrow Youngstown, Ohio

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Track Name: What Are You Fighting For?
Don't you throw it all away.
Don't you let it walk out the door.
There's nothing left to say.
Do you know what you're fighting for?
Bury the hatchet, put it in the past.
You need to keep a clear conscience if you want this to last.

Look inside your soul to see what you are really worth
and tell me if you like what you see.
Trust only the people that will always give you love and
never fill your world with negativity.
Fight your fight or what you gotta do.
Know that I'm here for you all.
When you surround yourself by people that all want you to succeed
It's so much harder to fall.
Track Name: State of Confusion (feat. D Riz)
In this state of confusion while you're lost inside your head,
everyone around is telling me reggae music is dead.
Channel the soul inside yourself and feel the music inside of you.
Let it give you wings and take you away.
Live for today because you might not see tomorrow.
Keep your feet out of the water so you don't drown in your sorrow.
They'll try to bring you down, but who are they to say?
How you should shape the person you are set to be?

Slow life down, everything will be alright.
Let the music surround and de-cloud your thoughts,
then you will be in paradise.
Slow life down, and take it day by day.
They will try to bring you down, but they won't succeed.

My state of confusion is sort of confusing.
Most people laugh and think it's amusing.
But this is my music, I gotta stick to it,
chase my dreams until I pursue it.
Get a drink I screw it, promethazine cups.
Came outta Warren so I gotta throw it up.
West side 898 till the day that I die,
no I ain't there but I keep it alive.
I got em on my side, hood on my back,
sure it's where I come from, but I ain't going back.
Cuz all they do is trap, and I ain't about that life.
I'm tired of being here, it makes me feel trifling.
Living in the dirty three-thirty,
where you're a thug and they call you nerdy.
But fuck that, I'm urging to get up out this place
and move to somewhere where they don't know my face.
But fuck these people, yeah, cuz you know they all fake.
One day they a friend and then the next day they ain't.
Track Name: Naked Jerry
This story takes place in a little town
where nothing strange ever comes around
until the day that they'll always know.
It sent everyone outside back into their homes.
The neighbors got tired of seeing the cheeks.
She finally had enough so she called the police.
Said "There's a kid outside with no clothes on!"
That's when the cops came with their sirens on.

For most people, it's not too hard.
But most people can keep their pants on.
He's not most people, that's been said.
Naked Jerry's on the loose again.

When he come around what do you do?
You cover your behind cuz you don't want to lose.
Why oh why does he act this way?
No one really knows and it's hard to explain.

Oh I come out every day, and I come out every night.
The people gather round. oh it really is a sight.
You say I have no balls, bitch I'll show them to you.

Oh you know, know, know what he do.
He gets naked, gets naked for you.
Oh you know, know, know who he be.
He gets naked, gets naked for free.
Oh you know.
Track Name: Farewell My Friends
So long, farewell my friends.
I'm not sure if I'll ever get to see you again.
We've got to let go, it's time to move on.
We'll never know what we had until it's gone.

So keep your chin up and your head held high,
let's have a good time before we say our goodbyes.
It's so ugly with the truth, when the truth is on the loose,
and you're not sure if you'll let it inside.
So I'll stick to the point, I like it that way.
I had so many friends but I pissed them all away.
This isn't a sad song, this is any other,
so sit down, chill out, relax motherfucker.
Track Name: What Are You Living For?
Keeping it together doesn't seem so hard
until you have to deal with it first hand.
When she first heard the gunshots,she ran to the door.
The glass was broke, shattered like the hearts left behind.

When she first heard the gunshots,she ran to the door.
She saw memories in the glass shards on the floor.
Every bone in her body was shaking.
Fear escaped in every breath that was taken
and one by one, each group came out.
Except for one.

What are you fighting for?
What are you killing for?
Let's become one and end this war.
What are we living for?
What are we dying for?
Let's become one and end this war.
Track Name: Relax (Take it Slow)

Every day it seems I spend my life chasing these dreams
and sometimes it's so hard to tell what's worth fighting for.
And the little things really makes you see,
and contemplate the fate of who you wanted to be.
Well, do you know if it's worth it, what you're fighting for?

Just relax and take it slow, you know everything will be okay.
Giving up is the last thing you want to do, there's so much left to say.
Just take the world by storm and start a revolution.
Then we can move on to better things.

What if everything you do is hidden by then shade of what you thought you knew?
And what if every possibility of everything you've ever dreamed just isn't what you thought it would be?
Now don't get ahead of yourself. I know your heart is gold.
Sometimes it's just hard to do what's right.