Hornswaggled Hooligans

by Two Days Until Tomorrow

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Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Frank Toncar at Afro Audio Studios.


released October 27, 2012



all rights reserved


Two Days Until Tomorrow Youngstown, Ohio

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Track Name: Pistol Johnny
In a little, quiet town
that no one really knew,
He lived his life a secret
and does what he needs to do.
With his bullet-proof jacket on,
His magnum leads the way,
As he goes to show everyone
the things he coudn't say.

Pistol Johnny,
Why'd you have to go?
You clearly weren't the boy
That we all used to know.
Who do you think that you are?
You took this way too far.

Pistol Johnny never
realized he was out of control.
He couldn't comprehend
The number of lives he stole.
His pride was through the roof
When he got his way.
Gunpowder never smelled so sweet.
Track Name: Art Is Dead
You say a picture's worth a thousand words,
but do any of those thousand words mean anything to you?
I've had nothing to do for the past two hours but sit
here and think of what to do for the next two more.

I guess I can't write a song that tells a story.
I won't ask for forgiveness and I won't say sorry.
You heard what I said. This is proof that art is dead.
And you know, you know it's true.

It's way too early on a Saturday,
but there's only one more hour to go.
How could you get mad at us for honesty
and try to bring down our creativity?
Track Name: Inspiration
You are my inspiration.
Don't listen to a single thing they say
Growing up with all this contemplation,
I don't think that music's dead, I just think we forgot how it sounds.

So much has changed itself and all I ever do is sit
around here and rearrange the feeling,
This empty space will never change.
No matter how hard I try and fight,
It seems like I'll never ever get it right
and you know, you know, you know,
but you'll never help me out.

Now ever since summer struck, it seems I never sleep.
And oh, I've always wanted this, who knew it'd backfire so easily?
If you had one wish, do you know what it would be?
Or would you take a step back and see what you believe?
And not quite yet did you really know the truth,
When everyone is seeing it but you.
Track Name: Ska Isn't Dead
We'll be here forever.
You should never count us out, now you should know.
Just give it some thought.
We'll never let it go.
We'll fight for all we ever wanted
to let it all go to show:
You can't kill us all, no matter how hard you try.

It's us against the world, we got nothing to hide.
We see you standing there, waiting to come inside.
You don't got it man, you heard what we said.
Now let us prove to you, prove that ska isn't dead.

We're sticking together.
There ain't nothing you can do to tear us apart.
So far from the edge,
This is just the start.
You've taken over every other,
But we won't let you go that far.
No matter what you'll never take us alive.

I know you got it bad.
I know you never, know you never wanted it like this.
Now it'll take some time to wash away all the pain.
Now sing with us.

All we ever wanted was a place to go,
A place that we could call our home.
We never thought we'd make it this far,
But now we're here with open arms.
Track Name: Ska In Your Pants
When I saw you sitting there,
I knew nothing could compare.
Took you out a night or two,
Felt so good spending time with you.

I never said that this would be easy.
You'll get just what you deserve.
I never said that this would be easy.

Well it was all going great.
It was all left up to fate.
Never know what you have till it's gone.
Step back, it's been so long.
Track Name: Dear Ohio (You Let Me Down)
Dear Ohio,

Why have you fucked me over once again? You took everything and you won't give it back until it ends. We're all stuck here putting up with your shit every day. Oh I hate you, Dear Ohio, I can't say it a better way. Dear Ohio, I'm left with nothing else to do but sit here and contemplate what I might do instead of this. But there's nothing that I can say, because you threw it all away. Oh I hate you and you know it. You say you love me, you don't show it. Given time, it will all come through. Dear Ohio, you let me down.

Dear Ohio, why have you fucked me over once again?

Yours truly.